Our History



Maschinen- und Metallbau Respondeck GmbH was founded in April 1992 with three employees. Today's corporate building - a former truck repair shop and the City Polytechnic Weißenfels - was within 6 months, completely renovated and furnished.


Through the purchase of land and new construction of four assembly halls we can now produce on about 2,000 square meters. Our staff has now grown to 35 employees including several trainees.
Throughout History we have invested continuously, ie, the entire machinery is on the cutting edge of technology and through the training of skilled workers is guaranteed that the knowledge gained is not lost.
  • Established with three employees in April.
  • In the end of the year, the number of Employees increased to six (five male and one female).
  • Purchase of an additional assembly hall.
  • Now a total of eight employees.
  • Construction of a new assembly hall, including equipment (crane, heating ...).
  • Purchase of a new CNC bending machine.
  • Now a staff of ten employees.
  • New investment in machinery (two drilling machines and a new CNC lathe).
  • Now twelve employees.
  • Extension of the various work areas (including two new welding workstations and  a new tube bending machine).
  •  Number of employees increased to fifteen.
  • Expansion of the business park - (Garage, driveway, doors and facades).
  • Traineeship starts in august (a chipper and a mechanic).
  • Stabilization of orders and manufacturing.
  • Construction of a new assembly hall including equipment (crane, heating ...).
  • Purchase of a new CNC milling machine.
  • Two more trainees recruited.
  • All the rehabilitation work is completed (outdoors, parking lots, driveways, fire pond, etc.).
  • Two more trainees are recruited.
  • Purchase of two CNC milling machines, metal chip conveyor, drill press, welder and forklift.
  • Further investment was a new power supply (center clamping transformer).
  • A further production hall was set up - changing rooms and recreation
    increased - new storage facilities have been created
  • Two new trainees are employed.
  • Purchase of two CNC milling machines and a new CNC lathe.
  • All boring mills have been retrofitted with digital displays. 
  • Completion of the changing rooms and social area.
  • Two more commercial apprentices are trained, also an office clerk.
  • April 2002 - 10-year company anniversary.
  • Expansion of production technology for bending and welding constructions.
  • Expansion of production of welded structures and Investment in machinery, purchase of new CNC milling machines.
  • Purchasing of a new CNC tube bending machine with 100 TB MR booster system, especially suitable for prototyping and small series.
  • Acquisition of a new CNC - milling machine Mikron VCE 1200.
  • Two 60/80 CNC tube bending machines, used as multi radius bending, have been overhauled.
  • Construction of a new warehouse.
  • Purchase of a new forklift Jungheinrich 5t.
  • Meanwhile, 30 employees and two more apprentices employed.
  • Acquiring a new ROUNDO section bending machine R-6-S CNC, with section modulus 95-110 cm³.
  • Construction of a new measuring space for measurement of components.
  • Enlargement of the ROUNDO R-6-S section bending machine with a turning unit including a booster from SCHWARZE-ROBITEC for bending of 3D shapes.
  • Initial certification of the company according to ISO 9001:2008.