On our CNC bending machines, we can bend tubes up to a modulus of 65 cc. This corresponds to a pipe size of 150 x 4 mm. The options and multi-radius-controlled transport booster system, many applications are possible in automotive, furniture, etc. We have a large number of tool sets common pipe sizes and bend radii on stock. With our tool manufacturing, we can manufacture within a very short time the most difficult tools for bending machines.



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We bend your pipes, beams and profiles, flat - from the smallest flat to carriers for building constructions. Inter alia can be rolled IPE 300 on the easy way and 160 on the hard way, flat to flange 150 x 30 mm, angle iron 150 x 16 mm, equally round tubes, hollow sections, round and square bars, and special profiles on request. Our combined CNC section bending machine from ROUNDO with turning and booster unit from Schwarze-Robitec also allows the bending of 3D shapes.



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