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Company history


1992 Established with three employees in April end of the year increased to six Employees.
1993 - 1999 Purchasing  and construction of additional assembly halls. Purchase of new CNC controlled tube bending machines, CNC-drilling machines and lathes. Extension of new welding work areas, start of the first traineeship.
2000 All rehabilitation work outdoors are completed (parking lots, driveways, fire pond, etc.) purchase of two CNC milling machines, metal, fork-lift truck etc.
2001 - 2002 Purchase of two CNC milling machines and a new CNC lathe. Completion of the changing rooms and social area.
2004  - 2007 Expansion of production facilities for bending technology and Welded structures, investment in machinery, acquisition of new CNC milling machines and a CNC tube bending machine 100 TB MR.
2008 – 2010 Construction of a new warehouse, purchase additional Kaltenbach saws for the Mass production, acquiring a new ROUNDO section bending machine R-6-S CNC controlled section modulus up to 95-110 cm³ with turning unit including Booster from SCHWARZE-ROBITEC for bending of 3D.



Facts and figures


  • Experience in manufacturing of machine components, assemblies, weldments, tool making, metal parts, rotary-milled.
  • qualified, motivated, company employee who receives customer-oriented and flexible to the needs of customers.
  • On-going expansion of modern production technology is always more efficient production realized at the highest level.
  • Employees: 35
  • Approximately 17,000 square meters of land and 2,000 square meters of production space.